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Triodos Bank

Money used consciously is a powerful tool for social good. This was the founding philosophy of Triodos Bank, an ethical bank started in 1980.

Today, Triodos serves many thousands of depositors, shareholders and borrowers, and continues to grow rapidly. With offices in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium, Triodos is part of a global network of ethical banking and finance.

Triodos Bank finances only projects which are socially and environmentally positive - a wide range of charities, community groups, social businesses and environmental initiatives. Triodos has pioneered many innovative ways of financing projects in the social economy as well as providing a wide range of conventional banking services such as ISAs, savings and reserve accounts for individuals and organisations, and current accounts and other financial services for businesses and charities.

Triodos Bank
Brunel House, 11 The Promenade
Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3NN

Tel: 0117 937 9339
Fax: 0117 973 9303
Freephone: 0500 008 720
Email: mail(+at)