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Painting and Sculpture

Painting Sculpture

In art we can see the dynamic interaction of different principles: order and fantasy, dark and light, cool and warm colours, convex and concave surfaces.

The artist working out of Anthroposophy strives to understand these various polarities and how they are related to inner qualities. From a recognition of these relationships, spiritual realities can be revealed.

Indeed, art can nourish and enliven the whole of life and many courses are offered in painting, drawing and sculpture to support individual development.

A specially developed artistic approach plays a key role in all Waldorf education, teacher training and individual therapy. Anthroposophical art therapists are currently working in clinics, NHS medical practices, hospices and prisons.

Art Schools

Tobias School of Art

Coombe Hill Road, East Grinstead
West Sussex, RH19 4LX

Tel/Fax: 01342 313655

Hoathly Hill Sculpture Studio

(Gertraud Goodwin/Maria Albiez)
24 Hoathly Hill, West Hoathly
West Sussex, RH19 4SJ

Tel/Fax: 01342 811386

The Park House Painting Studio

Alexander Winter
13 Queen's Terrace, Exeter
Devon, EX4 4HR
Tel: 01392 966 376