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About the Anthroposophical Society

Rudolf Steiner House, London

The Society is a worldwide organisation with its headquarters in Switzerland. Its main aim is to develop the spiritual science started by Steiner and to demonstrate how it can be a valuable, consciousness-raising and healing power, for both individual and cultural development.

The keynote of the Society is individual freedom in the spiritual sense. Membership implies friendship and support of the work, but involves no commitment, other than a recognition of the School of Spiritual Science, which was founded by Steiner in 1923, to provide a training in individual spiritual development.

Society activities

Regular lectures study groups and artistic activities take place at many centres throughout the UK. In London these take place at Rudolf Steiner House, where there is a lending library, bookshop and theatre. Further information regarding any of the activities can be obtained from the Secretary, who can also put you in touch with local groups of the Society.

Anthroposophical Society
Rudolf Steiner House
35 Park Road

Tel: 020 7723 4400
Email: rsh-office(+at)

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